Rooted in

all things horticulture

Pacific Plug & Liner is part of a horticultural heritage that dates back over a century, providing a higher standard of perennial quality through our robust programs of sturdy, unique varietals, grown by our team of curious plant enthusiasts.

Our passion for horticulture fuels us in exploring groundbreaking grower solutions for the growers and brokers we do business with.

Programs Designed

with You in Mind

Our perennial programs all start with a simple question: What does the grower need? Whatever the answer, it becomes our guiding force as we seek out unique varieties and deliver a higher level of quality and consistency.

Breaking New Ground with Our Grower Solutions

Whether we’re simplifying the shipping process or reinventing how we provide accurate availability, our grower solutions bring together ingenuity and industry expertise so you can do more with the perennials you grow.

We Take Trials and

Testing Seriously

From hardiness to variety to growing speed and uniformity, our perennials are successful for growers because they’re backed by meticulous breeder work and propagation practices—and the data to support it.

Better Plants are
Better for Everybody

Seeking to bring out the best from our plants is one of the most fulfilling parts of what we do—not just because of the discoveries we’re able to make, but because we get to share these breakthrough varieties with you and your business.

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