cast 2021

750 Casserly Rd, Watsonville, CA | June 23-26 | 8am-4pm

Each year, Pacific Plug & Liner transforms our Watsonville, CA facility into a bustling showcase of everything our perennial varieties have to offer for the California Spring Trials (CAST), the most exciting horticultural event of the season for industry professionals. To ensure safety at CAST 2021, attendees may join PP&L by appointment only.

PP&L Cast Event
PP&L Cast Event
PP&L Cast Event
PP&L Cast Event
PP&L Cast Event
PP&L Cast Event
PP&L Cast Event
PP&L Cast Event

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June 23-26 | 8am-4pm

Available dates and times are subject to change
based on attendee registration.

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Delphinium Delgenius™ Series

A Cleverly Reimagined Classic

Varieties Include:

Delphinium Delgenius Varieties

Varieties Include:

Delphinium Delgenius Brezzin
Delphinium Delgenius Juliette
Delphinium Delgenius Glitzy
Delphinium Delgenius Shelby

Echibeckia Summerina® Series

The Most Interesting Plant in the World

Varieties Include:

Echibeckia Summerina Sunchaser

Varieties Include:

Echibeckia Summerina Sunbeat
Echibeckia Summerina Sunchaser
Echibeckia Summerina Sunreef

Lavandula angustifolia LAVENIZE™ Series

From a Place Where Lavender Thrives

Varieties Include:

Lavandula LAVENIZE Varieties

Varieties Include:

Lavandula LAVENIZE Elegance
Lavandula LAVENIZE Fully
Lavandula LAVENIZE Pom Pom
Lavandula LAVENIZE Power
Carex Feather and Ribbon Falls

Carex Feather and Ribbon Falls

Carex to Thrive in Almost Any Landscape

Euphorbia Miners Merlot

Euphorbia Miner’s Merlot™

A Vigorous Dark-Leaved Euphorbia

Lavandula Stoechas Ever Great Blue

Lavandula stoechas Ever™ Great Blue

A Must-Have in Your Lavender Program

Lomandra Arctic Frost

Lomandra Arctic Frost™

A Highlight from the Sunset Plant Collection

Lomandra Miners Gold

Lomandra Miner’s Gold™

Strike Gold with a Versatile Beauty

program highlights

Mad About Mangrove

Mad About Mangave®

Inkblot | Catch a Wave | Bad Hair Day

Sempervivum Supersemps

Sempervivum SuperSemps®


Sunset Plant Collection

Sunset Plant Collection

Agapanthus Ever Twilight | Aloe Safari Sunrise

Veronica Bubblegum Candles | Gaillardia SC Sunset Flash

Pinks by Whetman

Whetman Dianthus

Fire Star | Cherry Pie | Hello Yellow

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