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Accurate Availability

One of the most accurate availability tools on the market, LINER-BILITY® makes it easier than ever to check future plant availability with our live 72-week schedule, updated every hour.

At a Glance

LINER-BILITY provides current and forecasted availability for all our best-selling plant varieties, all in one handy spreadsheet. With hourly updates using availability from more than 15 farms, it’s one of the most up-to-date and easiest-to-use availability tools in the industry.

see what’s growing now

Check our current availability to see what we’ve got growing. We’ve also noted everywhere multiple sizes are available for purchase.

plant for the future

Our forecasted availability reflects the rooted liners we’ll have sprouting soon using cutting, division, seed and tissue culture availabilities. It takes into consideration lead and grow times, is updated hourly and provides up to 72 weeks of availability into the future.

looking for more?

If you need more plants than what is listed in a given week, please contact
our customer service at or 831-768-6300.

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