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Super Fly Senecio Angel Wings™

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Hellebore Thumbnail
Hellebore Frostkiss®
Dianthus Thumbnail
Dianthus American Pie®
Echibeckia Thumbnail
Echibeckia Summerina®
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Sempervivium SuperSemp™
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DYNO Delphinium Delgenius
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Primula Oakleaf Yellow Picotee
Sedum Thumbnail
Sedum takesimense Atlantis™
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About Virtual CAST

We're Bringing the Slopes to You

Each year, Pacific Plug & Liner participates in the California Spring Trials, a week-long event for industry professionals to discover the latest in horticulture. We go all out on making PP&L a can't miss stop for showgoers with a theme that gets everyone's imaginations growing. This year, we took a trip back in time with our theme, the 1985 Perennial Ridge Ski Lodge Invitational.

While events surrounding CAST 2020 have been canceled, you can still catch all of our outrageously awesome perennials and more right here on Perennial Ridge TV, PP&L's exclusive station showcasing all the varieties that this year's CAST had in store.

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Meet Perennial Ridge's reigning invitational champs and newcomers.